Reader Submission: The Ouija Boy


“My friend and I moved into an apartment about two weeks ago. On our first night here, I had a vivid dream that a little boy (around 10-12 years old) stood by my bedroom door and watched me sleep, all the while coming closer and closer. The next day, I told my friend about it. We are both very interested in the supernatural so we decided to get out a Ouija board out and see if it was real.

We contacted a spirit that said it was the boy. He said he had died in our apartment building, in room 308. That room is just down the hall from us. We talked to it a bit and it seemed nice. We eventually said goodbye and went to sleep.

The next day we used the Ouija board again because our friend came over and wanted to try it. The spirit we got didn’t like me because I’m a woman. It even spelled out the word b*tch. The planchette kept moving off the board and towards me, across the table. We asked it if it was obsessed with me, and it said yes. My friend decided to ask if it was the boy we talked to yesterday. It said yes. We said goodbye and put the board away.

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Reader Submission: Ouija Possession?

ouija board session

“I’ve never believed in possessions. I still don’t know if I do. But I had an experience that makes me wonder…

It started when I was 8 years old. My older sister would always talk to the walls. I thought she was crazy. She would always talk about her friend Annabelle and would introduce me to air. I never saw anything but would usually play along. My doctors say it was a mental disorder, but my sister was perfectly normal otherwise.

When I was about 15, my sister started using Ouija boards. I would watch her and her friends’ sessions by sitting next to them, but I never had the courage to try it myself. I soon discovered who Annabelle was because she talked to my sister through the Ouija board. My whole family was creeped out.

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Reader Submission: The Attack

evil girl stare

“Kids have a knack for hidden spaces. If there’s a half-filled closet, or a nook behind the stairs, or a cluster of bushes with a well-obscured clearing inside them, they’ll find it and make it theirs.

As a kid, my preferred hidden space was just outside my elementary school. Still technically on school property, so I wasn’t breaking any rules, but as far from any supervising teacher as you could get. It was blocked off on one side by the school’s brick wall and surrounded on all other sides by an overgrown bush. If you were small enough there was plenty room to move around and you could disappear completely.

My best friend at the time was as into ghosts and the supernatural as I was. I’d read more Goosebumps books than any of the boys in our class and she swore up and down she had a deck of tarot cards somewhere in her basement. We figured that made us experts on the occult. In our hidden space, we’d draw initials on the wall with white rocks, followed by dates like 1967, 1921, 1880, and pretend they were written by whole histories of kids who’d come here before. We didn’t have an Ouija board but we knew what one looked like. So we drew letters in the dirt with a stick and put a leaf for a planchette in the center. If the leaf was blown towards one of the letters by a gust of wind (or maybe by one of us exhaling a little harder than normal, by accident of course) it meant the spirits were trying to contact us.

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Reader Submission: The Possession

woman possessed

“When I was serving in Thailand during the Vietnam War, I was stationed in a little town on the Thai-Laos-Cambodian border. I was living with my soon to be wife in a bungalow in town when our neighbor, a Laotian girl, became possessed by an evil spirit, or so I was told. She was so bad they had to call in special monks in white robes to pray over her. My girlfriend/wife wanted to go over there and see the exorcism, but before she went she told me ‘don’t come over for any reason.’

Instead, since I was on a day off, I sat on my porch drinking whisky and getting drunk as I used to do in those days, as there wasn’t much else to do. Later, one of my girlfriend’s friends came by and asked for her, and forgetting what I was told, I went over to the house where the exorcism was going on.

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