How Psychics Can Assist Paranormal Investigators


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Paranormal investigators play an important role in finding ghosts. If you believe your home is haunted, or if there is mysterious activity, investigators can find out who, or what, is responsible through the use of cameras, audio technology, and electromagnetic equipment. Psychic mediums, on the other hand, have natural extrasensory abilities that lets them sense the presence of ghosts and communicate with spirits.

Here are three ways psychics help paranormal investigators.

Psychics and Ghosts Are Drawn to One Another

Psychics are naturally lured towards supernatural activity because of their extrasensory abilities. Ghosts and other supernatural entities are also drawn toward psychics because they know psychics can communicate with them. As investigators have to rely on specialist equipment, a psychic’s abilities to find ghosts can be very useful. Some ghosts haunt entire buildings, while some remain in specific locations. Psychics can help investigators find where the ghost originates.

Psychics Communicate with Ghosts

For generations, people have hired psychics to communicate with the spirits of loved ones. Psychics can communicate with spirits by establishing a connection with them or by handling belongings of a person who’s died. Psychic mediums are able to pass on messages from loved ones to the ghost or from the ghost to living relatives In a ghost hunt, psychics can act as an intermediary between a ghost and a paranormal investigator.

Psychics Can Get Information

Paranormal investigators have to rely on specialist equipment to find ghosts, but psychics can communicate and learn information from the spirits directly. In other words, the information investigators get from paranormal investigations is based on evidence and analysis of the ghost’s behavioral habits. Psychics can simply ask the ghost questions and get answers. This method of investigation can offer interesting insight into a spirit’s motivations and haunting.

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Reader Submission: Paranoid or Paranormal?

shadow person

“When I was little, I lived in an old house that was haunted. My older sister used to sleep over and wake up with scratches on her arm. My sister and my brother got so scared they refused to stay over. My mum called a priest, but we eventually moved out.

My first weird experience was when I was about 10 or 11 years old. I was in the house on my own, sitting by the fire and watching TV, when a reflection in the golden plate around the fireplace caught my eye. I saw what looked like a pair of little girl legs run across the room. The girl had on white tights, like a ballet dancer. I looked around and started to panic when I saw nothing there. When my mum returned, I told her about the girl, but she said it was nothing.

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