Ghost Photo: A Child’s Spirit

real ghost picture

Originally posted on Reddit’s r/paranormal, the photo above allegedly shows a child’s ghost.

“For the past five years or so, I have constantly felt like the spirit of a young child has been following me,” writes the OP. “I attended church with my mama, and all of a sudden I felt chilled and all the hairs on my arms began to stand up. I asked her to take a picture and this is what we captured.”

What do you make of the image? Real ghost or ghost app prank?

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Ghost Photo: The Man in the Rig

ghost pic

The story behind this pic, taken in Alberta, Canada, is that the oil rig was empty at the time of the photo but that a man had died there recently. Do you see the ghost?

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Ghost Photo of the Day: Kirby Hall Face

ghost picture

A reader writes: “I took this picture back in 2008, it was one of a series of three where the first two showed a group of lights that I took to be flash reflections. It was only when I saw the third picture, this one, when I realised it couldn’t be caused by a flash.

Kirby Hall is situated in Northamptonshire, England and was built around 1570. It now stands part ruin and part restored and open to the public during the day. This picture was taken of an upstairs room that you cannot gain access at night as it’s in the restored part of the building. I’ve zoomed the picture in slightly from the original to get a clearer view. I find it quite eerie. What do you guys think?”

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Ghost Picture of the Day: The Apparition at Mary King’s Close

real ghost picture scotland

Mary King’s Close in Edinburgh, Scotland has long had a reputation for being haunted. This photo from The Real Mary King’s Close, a company offering tours of the underground street, reportedly shows a ghost after hours. The image comes from an infrared camera the company uses to snap pictures of tourists. Is it a ghost or merely a marketing ploy?

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