50 (More) Chilling Ghost Photos

In September 2014, I published “100 Chilling Ghost Photos,” a post that is now one of the most popular on this site. Three years later, it’s time for a sequel. From full-blown apparitions to mysterious faces, here are 50 more of the world’s most chilling ghost photos. Enjoy!

real ghost photo

On July 12, 2016, a motorist snapped this photo of a fatal motorcycle accident in Stanton, KY. The image made the rounds on social media due to the wispy white figure hovering between the two ambulances. Do you think it shows the accident victim’s ghost? – Heaven’s Angel

These two photos were taken seconds apart, once with a flash and once without. As you can see, the darker photo seems to show a woman standing near the closet door. The woman also shows up in the lighter photo, although not as clearly. Could she be a ghost? – The Woman Watching

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Ghost Photo: Fire Phantom

real ghost photo

The story behind this photo is that an arsonist torched the home and that neighbors heard someone screaming for help throughout the night. However, upon investigation firefighters found no one inside. So who, or what, is that looking out?

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Ghost Photo: Haunted Hospital?

ghost pictureA reader writes:

“The story with this picture is that I worked nights at the LDS hospital in Salt Lake City, UT. There is this room on one end of the hallway where you always feel like you’re being watched. So I went to the room and checked it out.

I snapped a picture of the room because it felt weird and ran back to the desk. I then went on with my night. It was not until the next night and I was looking at my pictures on my phone did I notice what I was able to catch. I did not see it that night. Take a look at the photo and decide for yourself. PS: there were no patients in that room.”

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Ghost Photo: Black Mass at the Cemetery

ghost pic

“I have always been somewhat of a skeptic about ghosts. I will admit that. But one day, on September 19th, 2013, my friend and I decided to visit The Battlefield of Antietam in Maryland. I had just moved to Hanover, Maryland and was excited to visit the battlefield because I love history and learning about past wars.

When we arrived, I started taking pictures. We eventually walked into this very old, but beautiful, cemetery across the street from the Reserve Artillery, Army of Northern Virginia building. I took quite a few pictures of the cemetery as it had some very old, beautiful head stones. We didn’t see anything out of the ordinary, nor was there anybody in the cemetery but my friend and I. There was a guard cop outside the gates, but that was the only person we saw the whole time we were there.

After we walked around for a good hour, reading some of the writings on the head stones and taking pics, we decided to head up toward the battlefield before it got too dark. Once there, I took more photos. We left, and I decided to look at the pictures I’d taken as we had a good two hour drive home. That is when I noticed something very strange in a few of the cemetery photos.

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