Reader Submission: Camp Terror

twilight forest

This story was originally published on June 5, 2013

“This happened when I was a camp counselor and canoe instructor at a kids’ camp in central Ontario, Canada in the late 80’s. A couple of things to know about me: I am a very experienced outdoorsman, and I don’t scare easily. Even at the time that this story took place, although I was only 17, I’d already spent many nights alone in the wilderness. I know what sounds the woods make and what animals do what. What we experienced was none of the above.

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Reader Submission: Night Visitor

shadow person

“Hello! I would just like to start by saying that I get very frightened when it comes to paranormal experiences. I’m very intrigued in the topic, but sometimes it really scares me. I believe that I once had an experience. I’m not very sure if it counts, but I was very spooked and now it’s very hard for me to fall asleep at night.

Okay, so I was in my room and it was night-time. My dog was also in my room. I was trying to fall asleep when my dog got up and looked towards the corner of my room. He was staring, and when I called his name he didn’t respond. I looked over to the corner, and it immediately started to get darker. I closed my eyes, and I turned around and tried to forget it.

My dog eventually laid back down, but then I felt this very cold brush of air pass over my hands. Keep in mind that the heat was on full blast in my house. It felt as if I couldn’t feel my hands; it was like they had disappeared. I tried to ignore it, and the feeling eventually went away. Then my dog got up and started staring at the corner again.

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Reader Submission: The Haunted Room


“I am an engineering student. One night, my roommates went to a party at a hotel. They are drunkards, so I was alone all night.

Our room has three doors entering the bathroom and toilet. At 12:30, the three doors started banging. I thought my friends were back, but when I woke up I felt water on my legs. Actually, the room was filled with water, and I saw the three doors banging. I also heard men and children crying and voices saying my name.

I was so afraid, I couldn’t say a word. I slept with a blanket over me, and heard the voices and banging doors all night. I later researched the place where we lived and learned a family had committed suicide there due to a demand from their daughter-in-law’s family for a dowry. We left the place next day…”

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Reader Submission: The Shadow Man

shadow person

“I moved into a townhouse with my son when he was 1 1/2 years old. It was an end unit, a small two bedroom. Soon after moving in and unpacking, I started hearing a lot of knocking and footsteps. I brushed it off as our unit was attached to a three bedroom unit. I assumed it was noise traveling through the walls. It also seemed that I was always looking for things that I just put down, finding items where they did not belong. My son would talk to and play with ‘imaginary’ friends.

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