Reader Submission: The Christmas Candle


“There are a few weird things that have happened to me that I think I’ll never find an explanation for, but one stands out from the rest.

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Reader Submission: Is My House Haunted?


Things to know before reading: My dad died of lung cancer in 2005, and he always used to say that he’d be with us after he’d gone. I live with my mum, James (brother) and Tim (brother). We suspect that he could be with us, but we don’t think it’s only him. We think something else is in the house too.

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Reader Submission: Restless Spirits


“This was a long time ago: October 1981. Santa Fe Springs, CA 90670. Paradise Cemetery on Florence Avenue. Around 1990, officials closed the cemetery down for a while because it was found out that they were stacking bodies on top of each other in the same grave and also selling body parts. People went to jail for that. I remember as  a child always seeing tractors digging, but I didn’t think nothing of it at the time.

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True Ghost Stories from Family and Friends, Part III


I’ve always been interested in true ghost stories, and back in the pre-Internet days of yore I interviewed family and friends and wrote their experiences down in a notebook. I recently found my notes and shared a few tales from my younger brothers and a childhood friend. Here’s the third, and final, installment of the notebook stories. What do you think of them?

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