A Walk in the Dark

“A strange thing happened one night when I was a young girl and my beau and I were walking home from church. The night was very dark. No stars were out, and of course there were no street lights. It was just one of those nights when everything is pitch dark, like a heavy fog over everything.

We were walking along, but not too fast as it was summer and I wouldn’t see Jim again ’til the next Saturday night.

One minute we were moving along all right and then Jim suddenly pulled me over saying, ‘Look out.’

At first, I thought he had seen a mud puddle, but he hurried me along and when I asked him what was the matter he said, “Nothing. I’ll tell you about it later.”

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Reader Submission: The Man in the Garden

abandoned cottage ireland

“In the 1960s, my partner and I┬áreturned to my home country, England. We came back to a town called Warwick. Unfortunately, there weren’t any houses on the market, so we were forced to rent. The house my partner and I rented was a beautiful, old cottage.

From the moment I entered, I didn’t feel right. I couldn’t put my finger on what it was, but I felt I was constantly being watched. But, me being me, I felt I was probably overreacting, so put it to one side and carried on with life.

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Reader Submission: The Haunted Flat

demon child

“I would like to share my personal paranormal experience in the apartment where I stayed with my wife and two-year-old son (Sharjah, UAE). Friends, this is not just a story but a real experience.

It was in 2011 that we moved into the apartment, and on the very first day my wife woke up screaming at around 2:00 a.m. saying she saw someone standing near the bedroom door. I just rubbished her, saying this might happen in any new place. After this incident, one or two such incidents kept happening and whenever my wife said something about it I used to either make fun of her or try to convince her it was nothing by saying everything was mere misconceptions.

She often told me incidents like lights getting switched off (the switch itself), TV channels automatically getting changed, that kind of thing. Though I believe in paranormal presences, I did not want to show that as she might get more panicked.

It was during that time my kid started walking and it was during the same period when I myself got scared and understood what really was going on in the house. Since he is our only child, our son used to play alone with his toys, but we slowly realized that he did not seem to be playing alone. We would watch him playing and showing his toys as if there was another person with him. We also noticed that our son often played in one particular place, the spot where my wife claimed she saw someone standing on the very first day of us moving into this apartment.

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Reader Submission: Mischievous Ghost Girl

ghost girl photo

“There was this lady named Vikki that used to live across the road from me. I used to go there every day until something strange happened.

One day, Vikki told me she felt someone playing with her hair, but that was impossible because there was no one else around. She put my hand up near the wall, and I could feel someone touching my hand and moving it around. I got creeped out and thought it was a prank, but it wasn’t. Every time I went to her house, I felt the cold thing walk past me!

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