Ghost Photo of the Day: Cemetery Face

ghost picture graveyard

This new ghost photo comes from the Fairview Lawn Cemetery in Halifax, Canada, the final resting place of over 100 Titanic victims. Is that a victim near the tree? Or is it merely the way the light falls on the trunk?

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Ghost Picture of the Day: The Woman on the Stairs

stairs ghost picture

This photo came from the 176-year-old Perkins Stone Mansion in Akron, OH. Did they capture a ghost climbing the stairs?

ghost on stairs
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Ghost Video: Does This CCTV Footage Show a Ghost Walking Through a Wall?

Earlier this month, I received a ghost video press release regarding the strange footage shown below. Recorded at a community center in the Ruislip area of London, the video shows a transparent man walking through a door and into a nearby wall. A security officer reportedly spotted the figure on CCTV but found nothing when he went to investigate. The cameras, however, recorded everything.

What do you think of the footage? The reactions on YouTube are mixed, with many viewers calling it fake and others insisting the video is proof of the paranormal. Personally, I think the video is either a hoax or the result of a camera malfunction. Give your take in the comments below!



Ghost Picture of the Day: Man in a Mask or Phantom from Beyond?

man in mask or ghost picture

Looking at this alleged ghost picture, you might be wondering what’s so strange about a group of people posing in Halloween costumes. However, according to the back story on About.com, the figure in the back wasn’t there when the photo was taken.

“Members of the staff began accusing one another, searching everyone’s bags for the mask, and interrogating each other,” John writes. “We realized that it was not a practical joke of any kind when we noticed that the ‘thing’ appears translucent.”

Do you believe him?

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