Reader Submission: The Haunted Farmhouse


haunted house

I grew up on a small farm in western New York. It was an old farmhouse, built in the 1850s. Weird stuff happened frequently. You’d set an object down, and it would disappear, only to reappear later in the same place. Being a farm, we had a lot of animals, particularly cats and dogs. The cats would often watch something we couldn’t see moving around the room, and sometimes they would hiss at nothing. My little sister and I had a lot of frightening experiences over the years.

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Reader Submission: Ghosts Everywhere

ghost girl photo
“Many people believe that I am lying when I share this story, or and that I was too young to remember things. But they’re wrong.

The Good and the Bad

First, the the good…As a child, I could see ghosts. I was able to see my great grandma that died when I was six months old. I would talk to her all day long, and one day she was in the car with my grandma (her daughter). My great grandma wanted my grandma to know she was with her, so she asked me to tell her. My exact words were ‘Grandma, don’t be scared, but Grammy Pat is here.’ At that moment, both grandmas smiled ear to ear.

I could also see my uncle Billy (my dad’s brother). He had died at the age of 12 and loved to play tricks on my dad. My father worked nights so stayed with me during the day, and around lunch time every day my uncle Billy would open all the cabinets in the kitchen. The first time this happened, my dad came out with a very shocked look glued to his face. He asked if I had opened the cabinets, but I was only four and couldn’t reach them. After that first time the cabinets opened, I told my dad that it was his brother and he smiled every time it happened.

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Reader Submission: Things That Linger

dark creepy house
“After my husband and I bought our first home, strange things happened right away. In fact, the activity started our first night there.

We were exhausted from moving, so my parents watched our baby. Soon after crawling into bed, I heard what sounded like a huge party going on in the kitchen. I heard dishes rattling, chairs moving, silverware clanking, etc. After about 45 minutes, I finally rolled over and asked my husband if he heard the sounds. He admitted that he did.
When we got up and opened the bedroom door, the noises stopped. The kitchen was completely silent. We walked around the house and the yard but found nothing.

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Reader Submission: Haunted Home


“In 1988, my mother purchased a house in a small town called Greenway (not the real name). It’s a cool old house that was built in 1892 and has 12-foot ceilings and solid oak doors and trim work. It had been a rental house for several years, so we had to do a lot of work before my mom, sister, and her little girl could move in.

There were fireplaces in every room of the house, but none of them were safe to use. We bricked them all up but kept the mantels. The mantel in what once was the formal dining room had a built-in china cabinet, and the wood was this beautiful old oak. Of course, someone had painted over the woodwork for many years, so my sister and I had started to refinish and refurbish it.

One day we were there working on the mantel while my niece was playing. It was a quiet day with no workers. It was just us three. All the sudden, we heard a baby crying, and I mean crying loudly like was hurt. Just crying and crying. My niece came in and said ‘Aunt Sonya, where’s that baby? I can’t find it nowhere!’. She was maybe five at the time. So there we all went, running all over the place, looking for a baby that was crying its eyes out. We never did find it. I don’t remember how long we heard the crying, but at some point it stopped. Years passed and we heard the crying a few more times, but we never found a baby.

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