Poinsett Hotel a Resting Place for Weary Travelers…and the Dead

westin poinsett greenville

Standing atop the former site of the Mansion House Hotel, is The Westin-Poinsett in downtown Greenville, SC. Once home to the likes of John C. Calhoun and other Southern aristocracy, the Poinsett now plays host to a new set of affluent social callers.  However, it seems not all of the current boarders are of this world.

Built in the mid 1920s during a heyday for textiles in the upstate, the Poinsett was once the twelve-storied jewel of the city. But in time, changes and hardship came to the area, and around 1980 the hotel became a nursing home filled with the elderly poor of Greenville. It remained that way until conditions forced its closure a handful of years later. Until the building’s most recent renovation, a little more than a decade ago, the hotel sat barren, attracting the homeless who sporadically filled its rooms with bottles and waste. Although closed off to the public, one could sneak into the abandoned building and see the deplorable conditions in which the vagrants lived, and often died. Amongst the quiet, unlit rooms other, more eternal, tenants took up residence.

In 1997, developers purchased the abandoned property and began extensive renovations. The Westin-Poinsett opened soon after. Today, guests report catching a fleeting glance of an elderly man who suddenly appears in their room and then vanishes just as quickly. Another business traveler saw an indiscernible figure that remained in a third story window a full five minutes before dissipating into thin air. The spirit appeared to remove his black coat before dissolving, leaving the man too petrified and perplexed to move. Perhaps the mysterious figure was one of the seniors or vagrants who’d come to meet their maker under the hotel’s roof. Or maybe it was an older soul, one who lived before the hotel’s construction and remodeling of the hotel, a spirit who remained to see a transformation from the world he’d once known.

Visitors can find both kinds of spirits at Greenville’s Westin-Poinsett Hotel, and guests never truly drink alone.


Deadly Rival Roller Derby Team Plagued by Paranormal Activity


Between practice and bouts, the fierce members of Florida’s Deadly Rival Roller Derby put in a lot of hours at the community skating rink. The derby girls are familiar with every nook and cranny of the building, so they’re quick to notice when something’s amiss. In this case, a ghost.

It was the bathroom light that first got the girls’ attention. The light just can’t seem to stay off, despite the team’s best efforts to conserve electricity. Coach Carb-Orator turned off the light just before locking up one evening, but it somehow switched back on. The coach scolded a team member for failing to switch off the light after using the restroom, but the woman insisted she’d turned it off. On another occasion, the coach’s daughter heard voices coming from the bathroom even though no one was near the facilities.

However, the bathroom isn’t the rink’s only paranormal hot spot. A team-mate named Murder Ride heard unexplained sounds coming from the office, while Carb-Orator felt spooked in the rental room.

“I had an eerie feeling I was being watched,” she said of the room. “It freaked me out enough to speed walk to the door. Most times I don’t feel anything and I feel completely comfortable and at ease, but this was weird. I felt like someone was there watching me.”

Mysterious cold spots also plague the rink, and a creepy black shadow appeared in the photo posted above. One derby girl wondered if the strange presence is behind the team’s surprisingly high injury rate: three broken legs in just a few weeks.

None of the derby team girls knew why the skating rink might be haunted so I did a quick Google search and discovered that a young man named Jarred, a frequent patron of the rink, died after being hit by a car. Could he be responsible for the building’s strange events?

Here’s a close up of the Deadly Rival Roller Derby ghost. What do you think of the creepy image?

deadly rival roller derby ghost photo


Reader Submission: The Neighbor at the Gate

old gate

“For the past few weeks, my mother had been looking after an elderly neighbor called Tom Evans. He was bed ridden, so she stopped by each day to spoon feed him and make sure he was okay.

One night after I got off work, I saw Tom standing at the gate and smoking a woodbine. I said “Are you alright Tom?” and he replied “Never better, Garry.” As he stood talking to me, I got a strange feeling in the pit of my stomach. When I went inside and told my mother what had happened, she said “Rubbish. Tom can’t get out of bed.”

She went over to investigate, and a few minutes later she came rushing through the front door saying, “Quick! Tom’s on the bedroom floor!” So my father and I went over to see, and Tom was facedown on the floor, dead. His body was quite swollen as though it had been there for some hours. Yet I had only talked to him some 30 minutes before.

This was 30 years ago, and it still haunts me to this day. Was it a spirit I was talking to and was that why I had the strange feeling in the pit in my stomach? For some reason when I was talking to him, I knew he was dead.”

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Real EMTs Share True Ghost Stories

When life and death is an integral part of your job, you’re bound to have a strange experience or two. We’ve already heard from nurses and cops, now it’s time for the EMTs. Here are 5 true ghost stories I found on paramedic forums and message boards. Enjoy!

Together Forever
“I’ve had a couple of weird calls. One was a major MVA-head on many, many years ago when we played M.E. as well. We had 2 DOA (husband and spouse) that were killed instantly in a head on collision. They had a 12-year-old daughter that was in between them and they actually took the impact, saving her life.

While en route, we noticed the husband’s arm had come loose so I went back to re-strap it. As I was doing that, the wife’s arm suddenly fell out as well, and her hand fell into her husband’s. My boss was watching in the rear view mirror and helped clear the way as I ran back into the front. It spooked both of us. Apparently the couple (mid 30’s), had just found out he was cancer free after his last treatment.”

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