A Walk in the Dark

“A strange thing happened one night when I was a young girl and my beau and I were walking home from church. The night was very dark. No stars were out, and of course there were no street lights. It was just one of those nights when everything is pitch dark, like a heavy fog over everything.

We were walking along, but not too fast as it was summer and I wouldn’t see Jim again ’til the next Saturday night.

One minute we were moving along all right and then Jim suddenly pulled me over saying, ‘Look out.’

At first, I thought he had seen a mud puddle, but he hurried me along and when I asked him what was the matter he said, “Nothing. I’ll tell you about it later.”

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Reader Submission: The Girl in the Bathtub

sad girl in bathtub

“My brother is a musician. His band played one venue out of town and part of the deal was a free stay in the apartment that was above the club. The show went well, and after it was all over everyone retired upstairs for the evening. Before going to bed, the owners of the club told them that they have a problem with their cats always trying to urinate and defecate in the bathtub. To fix this problem, they ran a little water in the tub and kept it standing at all times to discourage any cats from jumping in. They only asked that no one released the drain in the tub. My brother and his band mates thought this was strange behavior for cats, but they all agreed not to drain the tub and went to bed.

In the middle of the night my brother got up to use the bathroom. When he walked into the bathroom, he saw that water was filled to the brim of the bathtub and the toilet. The water was also swirling in both the tub and the toilet for no apparent reason. Feeling thoroughly creeped out, he used the bathroom and got out of there as quickly as he could.

The next morning, while everyone was sitting around the kitchen table eating breakfast, my brother related what happened in the bathroom. After he finished his story, his drummer spoke up and mentioned a dream he had had. In the dream, he walked into the same bathroom in the house and saw a girl sitting in the bathtub. The owner of the house asked him to describe the girl. The drummer did, and when he was finished the owner confessed that she looked like a girl who used to live in the apartment. Years before, the girl committed suicide in the bathtub.”

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Reader Submissions: 5 Real Ghost Stories

skull relief

Here are some of the shorter tales I’ve received from GNG readers. We’ve got a ghost ball, a foreboding dream, an out of body experience, and more. Here we go…

Uncle Dan

“In our family, we only see ghosts in our dreams. For example, one morning, my husband reported that his Uncle Roy, who had died two years earlier, had appeared to him in a dream and said that Uncle Dan was with him. My husband then insisted that we call Uncle Dan’s neighbor, who had a key to Dan’s house, and ask him to check up on Uncle Dan. My husband was right. Uncle Dan had died in his sleep and we spent the rest of the morning making funeral arrangements.”

Out of Body by Force

“I used to practice “out of body,” and I was successful a few times. If you’ve never done it, you just don’t know frightful it can be outside your body. One night I had to get up early for work, and I couldn’t fall asleep.  After four hours of lying in bed, I felt the sensation of leaving my body, but this sensation was different than before because somebody was helping me. “She” had both hands on my head, pulling me out of my body, and she seemed to be praying (it wasn’t English so that’s a guess). I immediately went into prayer mode myself, as in get back in my damn body ASAP and hope I’m not dead. Well, I got back in, jumped out of bed, turned the lights on, and screamed “GET YOUR SALLY ASS OUT OF MY ROOM!” I don’t practice out of body anymore, but it has happened briefly since without incident. This is a true story.”

Ghost Ball

“Growing up in our family home for three generations, I would often hear a ball falling down the stairs. The problem was, we didn’t have any stairs. Ten years later my family decided to renovate the home. When we went to tear down a wall, we found a staircase and a very old ball sitting on the steps. My mom admitted she’d been hearing the same sound for years and we were both freaked out.”

The Man in the Gym

“I couldn’t have been more than 12 when this true life ghost story happened. My brothers and I were early for one of their basketball games at this Lutheran school a few blocks from our house. It was a weeknight and was already dark out. The school only lit up the main lobby and the gymnasium this time of evening. As we were all goofing off, one of the kids noticed what we swore was a white figure at the end of a dark hallway sitting in a chair outside of a classroom. It looked like an older man holding a basketball. As most of the group was under 10, when he appeared to turn his head towards us we all ran back to the well lit gym with a ghost story to tell our kids!”

Keeping an Eye Out

“I was vacationing in Florida with a friend and we were staying at her aunt and uncle’s house. I was having trouble sleeping one evening so I went to lay on the sofa in the living room. I kept hearing footsteps, as though someone was pacing back and forth through the house. I just attributed it to my friend’s aunt and uncle moving around in their room. Well, after a while, my friend came out and asked me if I had heard anything weird. I just said “no,” again thinking it was her relatives up in their room. She looked completely freaked out and turned on the TV. I asked her what she heard and she said footsteps. I told her I had heard the same thing. They finally stopped, and the next morning we told her aunt. Apparently, the ghost is my friend’s grandmother. I guess she wanted to keep an eye on me!”

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