Truth or Legend? Ghost Children Haunt Texas Railroad Crossing

school bus accident ghosts

In a wooded area just south of San Antonio, lies a nondescript railroad crossing. Legend has it several children died on the tracks and now aid stalled vehicles. But is the story true or is it nothing more than an urban legend?

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The San Antonio Hat Man


Dressed in a trench coat and fedora, a shadowy figure known as the Hat Man has frightened San Antonio residents for decades, but who is he and what does he want?

Last week, a San Antonio resident mentioned the Hat Man legend in the Paranormal section of Reddit.com. He writes:

“I used to work at a McDonald’s on the west side of San Antonio. We were rolling out a new layout on the drive-thru menu board. Our supervisor wanted all her store managers to take a pic of the menu board and send it to her. So my store manager goes out there early in the morning and snaps the pic. After looking at it, she realized that in the pic there’s a dark figure with a hat on in the background. She says there were no cars in the drive-thru and definitely no one in a hat walking around while she was out there. We’re convinced it was the hat man.”

Here’s the pic in question:

san antonio hat man

Though the photo isn’t that impressive (at least in my opinion), the McDonald’s manager is one of many San Antonio residents who claim to have spotted the mysterious, hat-wearing figure.

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