Shadows and Ghost Blobs at Savannah’s 17Hundred90 Inn, Room 204

Anna 17Hundred90 Savannah

On Wednesday, my husband and I drove to Savannah, Georgia for a night of beer and ghosts. We planned to complete a haunted pub crawl and stay in “the most haunted room” in the “most haunted hotel” in all of Savannah – the 17Hundred90 Inn, Room 204.

The legend, if you recall, involves a heartbroken woman named Anna who hurled herself from Room 204 sometime in the early 1800s. Anna’s spirit reportedly haunts the infamous suite, spooking guests by appearing at the foot at the bed in the middle of the night and moving objects from place to place. Guests have also startled awake to the sound of shattering glass or a frantic pounding at the door. Some say the unnerving events were so frequent a former inn keeper required 204 guests to sign a waiver acknowledging they were ineligible for a refund should they decide to leave early.

Here’s a rundown of our experience.

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