Ghost Photo: Anna’s Apparition?

ghost photo savannah

These photos were taken in Savannah’s infamously haunted 17Hundred90 Inn, Room 204. According to the source behind this pic, Savannah ITC, the photos were shot using natural light, on a tripod, with the camera set to a continuous shooting mode of one frame per second. As you can see, a female figure appears in the first pic but is gone in the second pic taken only a second later.

Legend has it a woman named Anna Powers haunts her old room at the inn. I stayed there in September 2012, but saw, heard, and sensed nothing. Do you think the first pic shows a ghost?

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Savannah Ghost Photos

Savannah, like Charleston, has a tumultuous history. Both cities have been plagued by war, hurricanes, and deadly disease, and both have a reputation for being exceedingly haunted. Here are a few eerie photos from “The Hostess City of the South.” Which city do you think boasts more ghosts – Savannah, Ga. or Charleston, S.C.?

Colonial Park Cemetery Ghost Photo (and Video)

We might as well start off with a bang (or a boo!). The video below is perhaps the creepiest footage ever to emerge from Savannah, Ga., or the entire U.S. for that matter. Shot by a Ohio teenager in 2008, the video shows what appears to be a ghostly child dashing through Savannah’s 262-year-0ld Colonial Park Cemetery. The figure leaps into a tree, hangs out for a few seconds, and then dashes off. Another, less distinct, figure flows along in front of the boy (or girl). Special effects experts analyzed the video and reportedly found no evidence of tampering.

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