Ghost Picture of the Day: The Black Mass

ghost photo black mass

This photo came from the May-Stringer House in Brooksville, FL. If you recall, it’s the first haunted site I visited as part of Florida Suncoast Paranormal Investigations. The 158-year-old home is now a historical museum, and this photo was taken in the Military Room, a small space featuring numerous artifacts from various wars.

According to docent Bonnie LeTourneau, the Military Room is the most active room in the home. Strange events include uniformed busts flying off shelves and bangs on glass display cabinets. Bonnie recalled a time she tried vacuuming the room’s rug only to hear a voice screaming for her to turn off “that infernal contraption.” She now cleans the rug by hand.

The person who snapped this photo took another immediately after. However, the black mass wasn’t there. What do you think of the strange picture?

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