Reader Submission: A Brother’s Visit

weird shadow

“It was around 6th grade when I was about 11 or 12. My sister and I shared a bedroom, and we had both fallen asleep in the same twin-sized bed. It was around 2:30 a.m. when I randomly woke up and turned to see a shadow at the foot of the bed, facing my way.

It was glowing slightly blue, but very transparent. It was a male who looked anywhere from 19-26 years old. We just stared at each other for a while, eyes completely locked, both of us frozen. I wasn’t scared until I blinked and suddenly he wasn’t there anymore.

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Reader Submission: The Shadow Man

shadow person

“This happened when I was around 14 years old, and it still keeps me awake at night.

I’m from India. We had just moved to our new house in Delhi, and my mom was out shopping and my father and younger sister were in the kitchen cooking dinner. My elder brother and I were in the study room and were sitting facing each other with a lamp between us. It was a rainy day, so there was a power cut. Our father asked us to finish our homework before dinner, however we were chatting and giggling in a very low voice so that our father could not hear us.

All of the sudden, I realized that my father was coming to the study room. It was dark so I could only see a black figure coming towards study room. I whispered to my brother, ‘Shh, Shh. Papa is coming.’ He turned around and saw the shadow too, so we both started staring at our books. After a second, I saw my father enter the room from the corner of my eye and he was walking in a weird. He was facing us and walking sideways close to the wall. I looked up and smiled at him, and only then did I see his big, red eyes and twisted hands. Within a second it disappeared in the corner of the study room.

I was shocked and I shouted to my brother who was still pretending to study. He turned back again, saw that my father wasn’t there, and started running towards the kitchen. I followed him. We were both terrified and told our father there was ghost in the study room. He didn’t believe us, but we knew something was there.”

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Reader Submission: Evil at Home


“I am a single mother of three kids, two girls and my son. Me and their father had just broken up so I moved out of our house with the kids and moved closer to my parents. I was working as a manager at a restaurant and my income wasn’t much. I ended up renting a house in my parents’ town for really cheap. It was a 3-bedroom, 2-bathroom ranch style house. It needed some TLC, but I didn’t mind.

After we moved in and settled down, I started hearing scratching in the walls. I’m terrified of mice so I got a cat from the shelter. However, the scratching never stopped. The cat I got was a friendly and cuddly, and I thought she was just lazy.

Soon after getting the cat, I heard bangs at night. I’d be asleep and would wake up to banging on the walls. I would check on my kids and they would all be asleep. My cat slept with my oldest daughter and I would see her hissing at certain spots of the room with her hair standing up. The scratching and banging went on for a few weeks.
One night I was making dinner and I heard growling coming from my bedroom. However, it didn’t sound like any animal I’d ever heard. I assumed it was the cat, but my cat was on the couch with all my kids. The noise scared me, but I brushed it off.

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Reader Submission: The Trench Coat Man


“I was very young, around four-years-old, I think. While it’s hard to remember events from such an early age, my mom was present and backs up my memories of the ‘man in the big trench coat and hat.’

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