Ghost Photo: Manson Murder Victims?

ghost photo

The photos above come from a home near the infamous Manson murder site in Los Angeles, CA. According to David Oman, the home’s owner, Sharon Tate and the other Manson victims haunt his property.

“I’ve had many esteemed psychics and mediums here — James Van Prague, Lisa Williams, Chris Fleming — and they all say that the spirits of those that were killed have unfinished business and they will not crossover until the murderers are also dead,” Oman told LA Weekly. “I’ve seen infrared video footage of balls of light and shadow figures on many occasions and my figurines that stand in a very active room fall over without any help, often. I know it’s them.”

Oman lives 150 feet from 10050 Cielo Drive, the site of the grisly 1969 murders. He believes the photos above show the spirits of those killed. Do you agree?