Reader Submission: Real Slender Man Sighting?


Every year since I was two years old, I have gone camping in the Poconos twice a year. I am 17 now, and this happened a few months ago.

I brought my boyfriend, and it was his first time camping, so I of course I wanted him to love it as much as I do. One day, my boyfriend, brothers, and I all headed down to a waterfall where most kids our age hang out. We all sat down in sort of a half circle and were talking and laughing and having a good time. Around dusk, my boyfriend and I decided to head back to the mess hall.

Now, I have to say that the trip there was not exactly the shortest walk. On the way there, we had to walk through two giant fields and up like six hills. On paper, that sounds easy, but I promise you it’s really not. Once we passed the hills and the fields, we came to a point where we had to choose between a dirt road that leads directly to the mess hall or a short cut. The dirt road was much more scenic, and I was totally feeling it, so I lead my boyfriend that way.

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