Truth or Legend? Mysterious Booms Plague South Carolina


Skyquakes. Mistpouffers. Seneca Guns. The mysterious booms in South Carolina have many names, but no one knows what causes them. And today the mystery is back in the spotlight after an unexplained boom rattled the Charleston area.

“My whole house just shook…. anyone else? Weird and heard loud boom on Folly Beach,” wrote one witness on Facebook.

“The whole restaurant here at Shem Creek just shook! Earthquake?!,” wrote other.

The boom and subsequent vibration startled Charleston-area residents around 12:26 pm. By 1:00, witnesses were searching for answers online. Though an earthquake was the most common theory, the USGS website shows no record of a quake. So what was it?

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Ghost Photo: Graveyard Ghoul?

ghost charleston sc

The filtered photo above comes from the Unitarian Church graveyard in Charleston, SC. The same unfiltered photo is posted below. According to the original source, a site called Jeff and Kim’s Love Shack, a couple visited the cemetery in 2004 and captured this female form in the background.

Is it really a human figure? Or merely a trick of a shadow and light? The infamous female serial killer, Lavinia Fisher, was reportedly buried in the Unitarian graveyard, and the photographers wonder if the ‘woman’ in the photo might be her. What do you believe?

ghost photo graveyard

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Reader Submission: The Bloody Rope


“My wife is from the Beaufort, SC area and we would camp at Hunting Island. After dark, we would go to Fort Fremont and walk down to the beach. Around midnight we’d sit near a tree hoping to see the Land’s End Lights. We never saw the lights, but we once shined a flashlight up a tree and saw a rope tied around a big branch which goes over the road and hangs down about a foot.

At the end of the rope, was a few inches of red stain that looked like blood. Thinking it must have been hard to get the rope tied that high in the tree, and feeling it was someone’s prank, we came back early the next morning to take a picture. However, the bloody rope was no longer there. I know the area, and I know we were at the right tree. I’m not saying it was anything supernatural, but if it was a prank someone went through a lot of trouble to put the rope there then take it back down. Has anyone else seen this?”

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The Haunted Jail in Charleston, SC

mysterious universeBuilt in 1802, Charleston’s Old City Jail housed some of the state’s most infamous criminals, including rebellious slaves, 19th-century pirates, and Lavinia Fisher, America’s first female serial killer. Thousands of inmates died within the structure’s imposing walls and it’s these tormented spirits that reportedly haunt the old building today.

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