Reader Submission: Spirit Animals

“I used to work with dying, elderly patients. I had lots of experiences on the night shift, but one was particularly creepy and strange.

A patient I had was passing. At the end of my shift, I said, ‘Now don’t you go nowhere. I’ll be back tomorrow night.’ She just shook her head no. The next night on the way to work, I saw three black dogs near a curve in the road.¬†They stared right at me. They looked like wolves. This was strange, and I was scared and confused because there shouldn’t have been any in the area.

I got to work and learned that my patient had passed. I took a picture while cleaning up, and to my surprise, it was a picture of the wolves I had seen. My patient was an advocate for wolves in Oregon, and in the picture were the three¬†animals I saw near the curve at the exact time she died. After that, I never asked patients to wait until I returned.”

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Ghost Photo: Window Watcher

ghost pic

This pic comes from Reddit’s r/paraaccounts section. According to the OP, he/she snapped this photo while house hunting in Lake Wales, FL last June. Does the image show a ghost or is it a simple reflection?

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