Reader Submission: Murday’s Memory


“Murday. That’s the name that was written on the box. My dad and I were digging to make a new foundation in the yard, and that’s when I found it. Sitting there, not even two feet in the ground, was a small cardboard box with the name Murday written on one of the top flaps.

I didn’t want to tell my dad about the box for fear he might discard it, so I took it out of the ground and ran inside. Curiosity and excitement ran through my head. I couldn’t wait to see what was inside.

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Reader Submissions: Visitors in the Night

creepy house

While most folks have no problem settling into bed for a good night’s sleep, others aren’t so lucky. For bedtime, it seems, is when many ghosts and ghouls come out to play. With that in mind, here are three creepy stories of visitors in the night. Sleep tight!

The Dark Figures at the Foot of the Bed
“I live in a house with my parents, my sister, and her three children. The nights tend to be pretty quiet, until you hear someone running down the empty hall or in a bedroom when everyone is asleep and you can’t see anyone moving around.

One night I was sleeping quite uncomfortably in my bed with the TV on to help provide a little light to drown out the mysterious sounds in the house, when I woke up in a sheer panic. As I sat up completely awake and my heart pounding, I saw three dark figures, one taller than the others flanking it, standing at the foot of my bed. I could feel their eyes on me, even though they didn’t have a visible face. I still don’t know who they are. Though I don’t think they meant any harm.”

A Pressing Matter
“This event happened at my grandparents. My sister and I were staying in the spare bedroom and were having a hard time sleeping. The room always made us uneasy, and the numerous dolls didn’t help. My boyfriend (now husband) and brother were in the basement.

As my sister and I laid in bed and talked, we both felt a presence. When I mentioned the eerie feeling I had, she agreed with me. We tried to ignore it and continue talking. It was then that I began feeling intense pressure on my chest.

It was hard to breathe and I tried to move but couldn’t. I didn’t want to make a bad situation worse by freaking out and upsetting my sister more, so I told her what was happening and asked her to just stay still and not get up. I then calmly texted my boyfriend and he and my brother came upstairs. As soon as they turned on the light in the room, the pressure disappeared. We all slept in the living room that night.”

Grandpa’s Farewell
“As a child of around 7 years old I saw my first ghost. My grandfather had recently passed away and I was staying at my grandmother’s to keep her company overnight. I remember falling asleep in the spare bedroom and waking to the feeling of someone watching me. As I looked up, I saw my grandfather’s ghost was standing at the foot of the bed, smiling at me. I watched his ghost disappear in front of my eyes from the ground up.”

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Reader Submission: The Thing in the Fog

gray and dreary

“It was Christmas Eve and I was at my grandparents. My boyfriend (now husband) did not live with me, but lived a few blocks away. It was planned he would walk to my apartment and wait for my family to return home.

So he began walking. As he walked, fog rolled in around him. When he was about a block away from my apartment, the fog was so thick that he could barely see anything in front of him. It was then that he heard strange noises in the fog, from just beyond his eyesight. Spooked, he sprinted the last bit of distance to the apartment.

Unnerved, he decided to lay on the couch and sleep until I returned. Upon falling asleep, he dreamed of a dark, shadowy figure. As the figure approached, he tried to tell it to leave and go away only to find he had no voice and couldn’t breathe. When he finally he did wake, he found my sister’s cat on his chest, desperately pawing at his face in an effort to wake him. As soon as he opened his eyes, a door slammed at the other end of the apartment. He was absolutely the only one there and all the doors had been closed when he arrived.”

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