Ghost Photo: Stirling Castle Spirit

stirling castle haunted

The former home of Mary, Queen of Scots, Stirling Castle is one of Scotland’s greatest historical sites. But is it also haunted?

In 1956, an architectural photographer visited Stirling early in the morning to snap a few shots of the empty castle. The photographer saw no one inside, but when he developed the photos he was shocked to see the image on the right (or so claims this article). Does it show a ghost?

Like most castles, Stirling has a haunted reputation. Staff and guests have heard disembodied voices, laughter, and footsteps in empty rooms. Other visitors have spotted a kilt-wearing apparition that vanishes into a wall or fades when they approach. The castle is also reportedly home to a Pink Lady and a Green Lady, ghostly women who roam the halls and then disappear. Some people believe the Pink Lady is Mary, Queen of Scots herself, while the Green Lady is rumored to be a servant who saved Mary from a fire.

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