Ghost Picture of the Day: The Tantallon Castle Ghost, Part II

tantallon castle ghost picture

Released in 2009, the original Tantallon Castle ghost picture sparked a lot of debate in the paranormal community. Critics said the photo, which seems to show a miserable man peering down from a barred window, was nothing more than a costumed guide or a weird trick of shadow and light. However, this photo taken 30 years earlier, seems to add credence to the paranormal claims. What do you think?

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Creepy Photo of the Day: The Spook at Scotland’s Tantallon Castle

ghost at castle in scotland

This photo taken at Scotland’s Tantallon Castle, reportedly shows a ghost peering from a barred window. According to The Telegraph, three photographic experts  examined the photo and found no signs of trickery. Operators of Tantallon Castle also claim there were no mannequins or costumed guides inside the castle (reminds me of the circumstances of the Hampton Court Palace ghost). What do you think?

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