Reader Submission: A Telekinetic Dream


“One night, I dreamed that I was running from a man who was trying to kill me. It was a terrible nightmare that seemed to last forever. The man chased me down the street to my house and then followed me into my bedroom. I hid behind a heavy dresser in my room, but the man was able to push it aside and throw it to the floor. The dresser made a huge crashing sound as it fell.

I woke up after the crash, but the freaky part is that the dresser in my room actually fell over! My roommates came running in to see if I was okay and were shocked to see the dresser on its side. It was old and heavy, a gift from my grandmother. I couldn’t even move the dresser on my own, much less throw it over. I still have no idea what happened that night. Some kind of telekinesis caused by extreme fear in my subconscious mind?”

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