Reader Submission: The Noise in the Woods

woods at night

“I’ve been a skeptic pretty much my whole life. I was always the first one to think of a ‘scientific explanation’ for everything. But I have my doubts.

It was a late night, in the heat of summer. My sister was helping me clean my bedroom because she was staying to visit for a while. We were sitting on the floor, chatting about this and such, when we were both cut short. From outside my window came a noise.

Now, I live right on the edge of the woods in East Tennessee, and I’ve become familiar with all the sounds.  Coyotes, owls, locusts, deer, I’ve heard it all before. But this wasn’t like that. No, no this was much different. This was much worse.

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Ladies of the Night: 5 Historic Haunted Brothels in the U.S.

haunted dumas brothel

Historic brothels, like theaters, always seem to have a resident ghost or two. Here are five former brothels haunted by the working women of days gone by.

The Dumas Brothel
Butte, MT

For 92 years, the women of The Dumas Brothel in Butte, MT (above) served the community’s hard-working miners and helped the business become America’s longest-running house of prostitution. Though the brothel closed its doors in 1982, the property’s current owners believe at least a few working women remain. Eerie events at the old brothel include falling mirrors, touches from unseen hands, and a shaking bed. The Haunted Collector team investigated The Dumas for an episode of the show and reportedly contacted the spirit of a former madam named Sarah.

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Reader Submission: Ghosts at the Group Home

shadow men

“Hello. I am in Tennessee.

A few years ago I worked as a residential technician at a local group home where they care for residents who all have some degree of developmental disability. I worked for them for almost six and a half years total, and third shift for the last three years I was there. I left in October 2010, so it’s not been that long ago. There was a good degree of down time during the night, and it was okay to sit and watch TV, read, whatever, as long as the residents were monitored per a schedule throughout the night, and their status recorded.

During my time there, I was witness to some strange things. I saw shadows go across the room, down the hall, into rooms, etc. The shadows varied in height from adult height to knee height. I saw a shadow about knee height one night shoot down the hall and make a quick right turn into one of the resident’s bedrooms, and another time I saw one adult height shadow float across the kitchen and disappear into the cabinets.

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Real Cavers Share True Ghost Stories

man exploring cave

I’ve written about haunted caves before, but these true stories come from cavers themselves. Settle in and read about the mysteries that lie beneath.

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