More Phone Calls from the Dead


Can the dead truly call the living? Or are claims of calls after death nothing more than wishful thinking? In July, I shared three strange cases in “Phone Calls from the Dead.” Here are three more eerie tales. What do you think of the stories?

A Call from an Old Friend

The following account comes from a recent article in the Sydney Morning Herald. Author Charles Waterstreet writes:

How long do you leave a dead friend on your contacts list on your phone?

I left the late Adam Cullen and got two messages in the past few months under his name in the middle of the night. The first one when I was in New York, on January 2, just as I tried to fall asleep. He noted he was watching Rake on Foxtel, and added: ‘Makes me wonder why the f— I am at liberty to do so. Love you buddy. Be good.’

I couldn’t sleep much after that.

On February 9, I received a dirty joke from him. It sounded like something he would say, but I doubt Adam would have access to a phone – he was cremated in 2011.”

Waterstreet checked the phone number and learned it was still in his deceased friend’s name. The friend’s father has no idea where the phone is. So who, or what, was behind the calls?

“It remains a mystery,” Waterstreet says.

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