The Family and House Behind “The Conjuring”

the conjuring

The Conjuring opened this summer to rave reviews and was so popular among viewers that New Line Cinema immediately made plans for a sequel. Starring Vera Farmiga, Patrick Wilson, Ron Livingston, and Lili Taylor, The Conjuring is based on one family’s real experience with a terrifying presence in their Rhode Island farmhouse and the paranormal investigators who try to help. In July, I wrote about paranormal activity surrounding The Conjuring. Here’s the story behind the people and house depicted onscreen.

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Paranormal Activity on the Set of “The Conjuring?”

the conjuring movie

Based on true events, The Conjuring is an upcoming horror flick about a Rhode Island family terrorized by evil spirits. A trailer for the film (below) offers plenty of scares, but it seems the movie’s cast and crew experienced plenty of frights themselves. Production notes from Warner Bros. describe a number of the strange events that occurred during the making of The Conjuring.

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