8 of the Most Haunted Houses in America

From a Southern plantation to a farmhouse in Iowa, America is full of haunted houses. Here are eight of the most frightening.

May-Stringer House – Brooksville, Florida

The 162-year-old May-Stringer House in Brooksville, FL is one of the oldest homes in the area, not to mention the most haunted. Legend has it up to eight ghosts roam the property which is now a historical museum.

Today, guides and paranormal investigators report moving shadows, glowing orbs of light, and the sound of a wailing child. Many believe the child is Jessie Mae, a lost spirit calling out for the mother she never knew. Other ghosts include a former resident, a shooting victim, and an angry spirit known as Mr. Nasty.

Myrtles Plantation – St. Francisville, Louisiana

The Myrtles Plantation bills itself as one of the most haunted homes in America. Dozens of legends surround the historic property, though the tale of a murderous slave is by far the most famous.

According to popular legend, a slave named Chloe baked an oleander-laced cake and poisoned three members of the prominent Woodruff family: Sarah, the lady of the plantation, and her two daughters. Now the murdered family, and Chloe, reportedly haunted the property.

Today, hand prints and strange “drip” marks appear on a mirror the group haunts, marks that no amount of cleaning can remove. Visitors also report seeing figures in old-fashioned clothing lurking inside the mirror’s warped glass.

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Sorority House Ghost Helps Others Find Love

haunted sorority house

The Alpha Gamma Delta sorority house in Athens, Georgia hosts more than exclusive parties and secret initiation rites. This 116-year-old home is also said to harbor the heartbroken ghost of a beautiful young woman abandoned at the altar.

The Tragic Tale of Susie Carithers

According to local legend, former state senator James Yancey Carithers purchased the home in 1913 for his daughter Susie and her handsome young fiancé. The happy couple planned to marry in the home, nicknamed the wedding cake house for its intricate architectural detailing, but sadly the blissful union was not meant to be.

On the day of the wedding, Susie donned a gorgeous white dress and waited to marry her long-time sweetheart. However, something went wrong. The groom was late, very late, and wedding guests began to whisper about a jilted bride.

Despite her growing anxiety, Susie clung to hope that her beloved would arrive. She paced the home, wringing her hands and peering out windows, desperate to see her fiancé riding into the drive. However, minutes passed, than hours, and still no sign of the missing groom. Guests trickled out of the house, murmuring their condolences, and a devastated Susie gave up hope of ever marrying her sweetheart.

The heartbreak and humiliation were too much to bear. Still wearing her white dress, Susie slipped away to the attic and hanged herself from the rafters. Her parents raced up the stairs when they heard the crash of a falling chair, but it was too late. Susie was dead. The beautiful young bride would agonize over her missing groom no longer.

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