Reader Submission: Tomato Terror


“I live on Rt. 2039. This place is haunted. I lived in many states and many places but none like Rt. 2039. These ole ghosts around here keep stealing my tomatoes.

I like raising tomatoes and enjoying a nice sliced tomato sandwich. But these stupid ole ghosts are like anti-tomato or something. I till my dirt, plant my tomato seeds and grow very fine tomatoes. I go out to my garden to get me a tomato and every single ripe tomato is gone. I simply scratch my head and think stupid ole tomato stealing ghosts.

I just don’t understand. These stupid ole ghosts can’t eat a good tomato. Why does the stupid bunch want to steal my tomatoes? I called the police department to report these stupid ole ghosts for stealing my tomatoes. They just laugh at me. I say come out here and get them or something. Stupid ole tomato stealing ghosts or something.”

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