True Ghost Story: Voice in the Night

shadow person

“I had just moved into a new house with my family. All our furniture was set up, but most of the house was still in boxes. My husband and I had been up late getting as much done as we could before he had to work the next day. As a military wife, I’m used to being alone most of the time with my two sons (ages four and six at the time). Over the years, I’ve become really good at telling the difference between something freaky that’s not real and a random noise in the house and that is real. I don’t easily scare and can keep a logical, level head.

On that night though, as I tried to fall sleep, I heard a little boy’s voice right next to my ear say, clear as day, ‘Mommy, I’m cold.’

‘Okay, let’s get you back in bed,’ I said, getting out of bed and walking toward the door.

My husband sat up in bed and asked me what I was doing. I almost said, ‘Putting (son) to bed,’ when I looked around and saw that neither of my sons was in the room, and my bedroom door was still closed. I opened the door and peeked into my boys’ shared room. They were both sound asleep in bed.

I crawled back in bed and told my husband what I heard. He said I was probably dreaming, but it was one of those situations where I KNOW what happened, and I KNOW it was a real, audible voice. I’m a Christian and believe that all spirits go somewhere. They don’t hang around on Earth. But in the back of my head, I still think that some little kid just wanted a love and comfort from a mom.” – Reader Submission

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True Ghost Story: Night School

dark hall

I used to work as a policeman on a military base. I loved working the night shift, but weird things sometimes happened.

One night, I was on patrol with my partner when we went to an elementary school to investigate a triggered alarm. We looked around, but everything was in order, so we left and continued on with our patrol. About 15-20 minutes later, the alarm at the school went off again. We went back to check and saw an open maintenance door leading to the boiler. There was nothing there, so we closed the door and blocked it.

Twenty minutes later, the alarm went off again. We returned to the school, but there was no one there. Half an hour later, the alarm rang out again. We went back and once again found nothing. This went on until three in the morning when we finally had to call the custodian of the building for help. We searched every corner of the school until we eventually found an open maintenance door. It led to a tiny room, about the size of a closet, and the light was on inside.

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True Ghost Story: Haunted by the Past

shadow person

“I live with three other students in an old house near our school. The house is haunted, and a lot of creepy things happen here.

On one occasion, I was talking with a roommate in my room when we heard the sound of running water. My roommate asked if I had left my shower on, but when we checked, the shower was off. I went to check my other roommates’ shared bathroom (they were gone for the weekend) and was shocked to see a jet of water pouring from the faucet. The shower knobs were turned as far as they would go. Spooked, I quickly turned off the water and ran back to my room.

Another time, my roommate came out of her room and asked which one of us had knocked on her door and shouted her name. Nobody had. We were all in our rooms doing our own thing. Another roommate said that she sensed someone sitting in the living room at night, and another heard dishes moving around in the cabinets.

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Reader Submission: The Haunted Camper

“My ex and I purchased a camper and moved it onto our property. The old man who lived in it before had fallen in the camper, hit his head on the corner of the kitchen counter top, and died. There was still a bloodstain on the carpet. The man’s children were from out of the area and didn’t want to deal with the hassle of moving the camper, so they sold it for next to nothing.

Not long after we moved the camper next to our home, I was sleeping on the couch in our living room. I was laying with my back facing out towards the room, nearly asleep, when something touched me and I jerked awake. My first instinct was that my child had come to wake me because he couldn’t sleep. I turned around to ask him what was wrong, but nothing was there.

I then thought it was my cat because he would occasionally come up and tap me with his paw. I got up and looked around for the cat, but he was sleeping in my child’s room on his bed. I was creeped out and almost went back into the bedroom, but decided to go back to the couch. To this day, I’m convinced that something inhuman touched me that night. I had a few other strange things happen, and I feel like it had something to do with moving that camper to our house.

Another time, I was home alone, watching TV in the living room. My chihuahua was laying in the corner of the room facing towards me. All of a sudden, he got up and started barking as if he saw something. At first, I thought he was barking at me, which was unusual, but I realized he wasn’t looking directly at me but in front and to the side of me. He then went from barking to whimpering and running around in circles in the room, as if something was chasing him.

He continued on into the kitchen which is when I noticed he was not only running in circles and crying, he was also peeing on the floor as he ran. I picked him up and tried to comfort him and looked to see if there was anything wrong. I was so concerned I called my boyfriend and asked if I should bring him to the vet. His sister worked at a vet clinic, so I drove him down there just to make sure there wasn’t anything wrong with him. They looked him over and said he was fine and couldn’t explain the strange behavior.

I don’t know, but part of me thinks maybe he was barking at something he saw and that something didn’t like it. I think the thing started to chase my dog and scared him to the point of pissing himself. My dog had never behaved that way before and never did again. It was just a weird, inexplicable freak out.”

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