Reader Submission: The Man at the Door

“My father always argued that a near death experience was the result of chemical processes in the brain.

This all happened Wednesday night, 2/15/17. I returned home after my husband had taken me out for a fancy diner the day after Valentine’s Day because it would be less busy. After we got home, he went to bed and I stayed up watching YouTube.

At 11:30 p.m., I heard someone knocking on the front door and it sounded like they might be trying to break in. I started yelling, asking who it was. It was a police officer.

I told him to hold on. I ran up and told my husband to get up and come down…’It’s the police.’

My husband talked to the officer as I hid behind the door. The officer asked for me. I came out from behind. He then said something that knocked the wind out of me. Mom couldn’t reach me by phone. Come to her house. My father’s in the hospital.

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A Walk in the Dark

“A strange thing happened one night when I was a young girl and my beau and I were walking home from church. The night was very dark. No stars were out, and of course there were no street lights. It was just one of those nights when everything is pitch dark, like a heavy fog over everything.

We were walking along, but not too fast as it was summer and I wouldn’t see Jim again ’til the next Saturday night.

One minute we were moving along all right and then Jim suddenly pulled me over saying, ‘Look out.’

At first, I thought he had seen a mud puddle, but he hurried me along and when I asked him what was the matter he said, “Nothing. I’ll tell you about it later.”

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Reader Submission: Hello from the Other Side

creepy phone

“My father passed away of cancer when I was 15 years old. He had been sick for a long time, going through periods of getting better and then worse again. He was an engineer and a tech geek, and had installed an internal phone network in our three-story house – each of the rooms had a telephone, and we could call each other as well as make outside calls. The internal and external ring tones were different.

Two or three months after my dad passed away, I was home alone doing laundry. The clothes dryer was in our basement, right by my dad’s old room, or man cave. As I was standing there, the phone in his room started ringing with the ringtone for internal calls. I didn’t feel threatened in any way, just surprised, so I walked over and picked up. There was nobody on the line, just silence. When I went upstairs, I saw that the handheld telephone on the first floor was picked up.

When my mom came home, I told her about what had happened. She looked at me and said ‘Oh no, don’t tell me it happened again!’ She then told me that the same thing had happened to her a few weeks prior.

I never heard anything again, but I’m certain it was my dad. The phone had some significance, because on the day he passed away, phone records show he had tried calling my mom over and over from the hospital but could not get through to her for some reason. By the time the hospital called, he had lost consciousness, so she never got to talk to him again. I like to believe that he was trying to tell us that was okay, especially since I never felt threatened in any way.

This happened almost 15 years ago, but it has certainly shaped the way I see the world. I had never been a spiritual person, but now I understand that there are things beyond my understanding.”

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Reader Submission: The Phone Call


“A good friend of mine passed away on Monday, October 31, 2016. He worked at my gym, so I went there the next day to stretch and exercise, as well as mourn his loss.

That day at the gym, I received two phone calls a few minutes apart. They were from an unknown caller, and I heard only two beeping sounds. My mom, who is very superstitious, mentioned that I should watch for signs of contact from my friend. I thought this was silly, but still could not help wondering if the calls were some sort of attempt to contact me.

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