7 Chilling Paranormal Mysteries

haunted highway

We’ve all heard ghost stories about creepy things happening to “a friend of a friend” or a distant relative in another city. But what about the stories that are more than just urban legends or anecdotal accounts? What about the stories reported on by reputable sources? Those that make national headlines and involve one or more credible witnesses? Believe it or not, stories like these do exist. And they’re more common than you might think. With than in mind, here are seven paranormal mysteries that will give you chills.

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10 Natural Disasters That Created Ghosts


“Thousands Dead,” “Hundreds Missing,” “Entire City Gone.” Natural disasters are synonymous with death and destruction, but when coverage wanes and the initial shock wears off, other, more unusual, stories emerge: tales of ghosts. Here are 10 natural disasters, some modern and some not, that reportedly left hauntings in their wake.

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Hauntings and Natural Disasters

2004 tsunami memorial

Sri Lanka Tsunami Memorial

After writing about the ghosts that reportedly haunt Japan’s tsunami-stricken regions, I began wondering about the sites of other natural disasters. For instance, did paranormal reports spike after the devastating tsunami in 2004 or after Hurricane Katrina battered New Orleans in 2005? As it turns out, the answer is yes. Here are four recent natural disasters and the ghost tales that followed.

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Do Victims of the 2011 Tsunami Haunt Japan?


On March 11, 2011, a massive tsunami roared over the coast of Japan, destroying entire towns and claiming over 18,000 lives. While the horrific event is a distant memory for most, the survivors’ pain and grief is still very real, and so are their tales of the paranormal. In “Ghosts of the Tsunami,” recently published in London Review of Books, author Richard Lloyd Parry shares a few of the chilling tales to emerge from Japan’s tsunami-devastated regions.

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