Reader Submission: Terror in the Night

shadow person

“I am going to share my story of how I was haunted as a child. I was born in Vera Cruz, Mexico. I grew up on a small ranch with my mother, father, brothers, and sisters. We were extremely poor and had no running water or electricity.

The Murder
When I was about five years old my father was brutally murdered. He had gone to town to buy the supplies we needed. On his way home, he was stopped by two men who wanted to rob him. They took his horse, and my father attempted to run away, but they caught up to him and began to stab him with a machete. He was screaming so loudly, according to witnesses, that they then just cut his throat and killed him.

Footsteps in the Night
A few months after my father’s death, strange things started to happen to me. At night it would be pitch black in my room as we had no electricity. As I lay in bed, I began to hear what sounded like heavy footsteps walking toward me. They came closer and closer and would stop right next to me. I could not see anything in the dark room, but I could hear heavy breathing. I was so terrified that I just grabbed the covers and pulled them over my head. The next thing I noticed as I lay there with my heart pounding was the covers slowly moving down as if they were being pulled off me. I would grab them harder and pull them back over my head.

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