Does This Video Show Ghost Orbs Moving Around a Couple’s Home?

A friend sent me this “ghost orb” video, and I want to know what you guys think. The orbs are quite difficult to see, due to the speed in which they move, but if you look above the cat’s head at around 0:55, you’ll see one race from right to left.

I asked my friend if she can see the orbs without a camera or if she’s noticed anything strange in her home. Here is her response:

“I only see them when I video the area with my phone or take pictures. The cat will lay still in one place for hours. The cat was swiping above his head, which was odd for him, so I started videoing and noticed the ‘orbs.’┬áThe dogs bark at what appears to be nothing; typically late evenings. I haven’t noticed anything else strange really.

What do you think of the ghost orb? Is it light from the TV reflecting off the camera lens? Or is it a ghost toying with the cat?