Reader Submission: A Plea for Help

“I knew as soon as I moved into the house I wasn’t alone. After awhile, I figured it was a child because my Mickey Mouse things would disappear for awhile then reappear in silly places ( like the kitchen counter ) and things would get moved, such as clothes, books, jewelry, etc. I knew the animals felt something there just by the way they acted. Most of the activity took place in the basement and the bedroom. I had an old kitchen table in the basement by the laundry area, it was there when I moved in, and I used it for folding and sorting clothes.

I went down to the basement one night to put clothes in the washer. When I set the basket on the table I saw a green card (immigration document) sitting there. The name listed on the card Helena. There were no teeth marks on it so I knew none of the cats had found it.  I put the clothes in the washer, went back upstairs, and said to my husband at the time, ‘Where’d you find this green card?’ His reply was, ‘What green card?” I showed it to him and he said he had never seen it before. The hunt was on!

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