Reader Submission: The Ghost Girl

ghost girl photo

“I have a few ghost experiences, and they may seem sketchy to you, it’s up to you to believe. It’s 100% the truth.

It mainly was/started when I lived in Washington. I believed in ghosts and weird things, some supernatural ideas. Ghosts always interested me, but I freaked out every time I heard one.

The first time I heard/saw one was on my phone. It was a flip phone. I was in 7th grade then, so of course I didn’t have anything better. I was recording a music video from TV onto my phone. I was alone in the room, everyone else was downstairs, nap time. I finished the recording, then I listened to it. About midway through (I’m getting goosebumps already), I heard a voice, a little girl’s voice. She was whining and saying, “Owww! My back hurts…” She repeated that twice and then I heard nothing. I was freaking out.

Then one other time, I was sitting alone in my room again. I was laying on my bed. Then, all of a sudden, the cable box on top of the TV fell. Nobody was running or anything. It was silent.

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Reader Submission: A New Haunted Home


“I recently purchased my first home, and I love it. It was built in 1927 and has all of the original wood floors, etc. throughout the house.

As I felt it more important to get the kids’ rooms organized, I didn’t sleep upstairs in my dormer bedroom until a month after we moved in. I went upstairs several times to put things away and started to wonder how I got so absent-minded that I kept leaving the built-in dresser drawers open. No matter how careful I was to close the drawers each time, one of the drawers was always open when I went back upstairs.

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The Ghoul of Grays Harbor


***Mr. Ghost And Ghouls’ first contribution to this blog!***

Is that a cool Pacific breeze on your neck or is that the damp, ephemeral hand of a long dead killer? That’s a question countless visitors and employees of Billy’s Bar and Grill have been asking themselves for years.

Aberdeen, Washington is known for something a bit more sinister than timber and fish. A long time maritime port, Aberdeen has been a respite to those shipping to and from various ports of call. Billy Gohl, or “Billy Montana” as he was more colorfully known, went about preying upon hapless travelers for more than a quarter century.

billy gohl aberdeen

Historians attribute more than 100 missing sailors and union opponents to the cold, murderous hands of Gohl. During the late 1800s and early 1900s, Grays Harbor saw the disappearance of more than a hundred men, most likely due to a bullet and a chute to the Wishkah River. The old Sailor’s Union building held the valuables of those departing, as well as one of the most prolific serial killers in US history – Billy Gohl.  A sailor who’d had a little too much too drink and holding a few extra coins and notes might find himself lifelessly floating out to sea the next morning like so much other discarded trash thanks to Billy. It wasn’t until a cohort had been caught that was Billy ever brought to justice.  While only formally convicted of two killings he’s strongly suspected of so many more.

Long after his trial and ultimate death in a Washington mental asylum, Billy as well as some of the prostitutes and sailors who once graced the premises, seem less than eager to move on from this world.  Employees have reported glasses flying from shelves and a regional paranormal research group was able to record a faint but noticeable voice call out “whore.” Most patrons who experience the phenomena report feeling sudden cold spots where the fabric between the living and dead is worn thin.

So when you’re in the far corner of America, along the shores of Grays Harbor, be sure to stop by Billy’s Bar and Grill if your hunger for a hamburger includes a side of the macabre.  Flash a little cash while you’re there and see if don’t feel the cold rush of Billy Montana trying to claim one last victim.