Reader Submission: Shadow Eyes

a photo of shadow eyes that hudson reese or harold wood is very passionate about

“I attended Jefferson High School in 1967 and heard tales of a child named Richard that everyone called Shadow Eyes. He was locked up on the hill, Waverly Hills, which was called Wood Haven at the time.

Many of our parents and teachers had relatives that worked inside Wood Haven, and stories about Richard trickled down at family gatherings. They say the boy was little, about 58 pounds, and stealthy as a cat. All of us teenagers were fans of Richard because he took his bullies like a champ, and he always got his payback.

Rumor has it that when Richard showed up the first day, animals poured out of the woods to be near him. Deer and squirrels and all kinds of animals hung out around Waverly. Neighbors also noticed hundreds of crows moving in. When Richard left, so did all the animals.

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Ghost Photo of the Day: Timmy!

haunted waverly hills picture

The photos above reportedly show the spirit of Timmy, a little boy rumored to haunt the Waverly Hills Sanatorium in Louisville, KY. Waverly Hills was a tuberculosis hospital that housed thousands patients during its 50+ plus years in operation. Though death estimates vary widely, at least 6,000 people died at the hospital. Do you think the pics are compelling?

Do you have a Waverly Hills ghost pic? Send it to ghostsghoul@gmail.com!


6 Haunted Objects Currently Listed on eBay


Got a thing for ghostly knick knacks? Here are six haunted objects currently up for grabs on ebay.com. Bid away!

Bar Mirrors That Witnessed a Double Murder and a Suicide

The Story: Two mirrors that once hung at the site of a double murder/suicide now inspire dread in anyone that sits near them. From a placard that comes with the mirrors:

“When friends would visit the owner and sit at the bar, they all experienced the same eerie feeling as if someone were staring at them. No one could sit at the bar for any length of time without becoming incredibly frightened. Do you feel a presence in front of the mirrors?”

Current Bid: $99.99

haunted objects

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6 Signs a Ghost Story is Probably BS

ghost picture

As much as I enjoy writing about ghost legends, I have to admit many (most?) of the tales out there just aren’t credible. Here are six things that make me suspicious.

There Are No Historical Records

Many haunted sites have tragic back stories involving murder, mayhem, heartbreak, and despair. However, there’s often no historical evidence to back up the claims. Take Anna of the 17Hundred90 Inn. Her story is perhaps the most famous ghost tale in all of Savannah, but there’s no record of a woman named Anna jumping from Room 204 (which isn’t all that high, by the way). There’s also no record of a maid jumping from OKC’s Skirvin Hotel, a slave name Chloe poisoning her master’s family, a suicidal bride at the Adolphus Hotel, a jilted bride at the Alpha Gamma Delta sorority house, or a heartbroken woman at Emily’s Bridge. Newspapers at the time would have certainly covered the shocking events, and yet there’s no record.

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