10 Haunted Places in Alaska

Alaska may be sparsely populated, but “America’s Last Frontier” has no shortage of ghosts. From former brothels to icy creeks, here are 10 of the most haunted places in Alaska.

Old Jesse Lee Home for Children – Seward


The Jesse Lee Home for Children opened in 1926 and housed hundreds of orphans until a earthquake damaged the building in 1964. The huge quake allegedly killed several children who now haunt the dilapidated property. Visitors experience feelings of dread and despair, hear the giggles of unseen children, and see shadowy figures flit past the windows. The faint sounds of jump ropes and bouncing balls are also common.

Ship Creek – Anchorage

ship creek anchorage

The story goes that in 1987, someone murdered a native Alaskan woman near Ship Creek. Now the victim, Marie, reportedly haunts the area to warn drifters about the dangers of loitering. Some say Marie appears only to other native Alaskans. Others claim Marie extends her kindness to all, even going so far as to pull a blanket over homeless men or women sleeping near the creek. Marie appears to favor the area between the old ANS Hospital and the railroad terminal.

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