Reader Submission: Haunted

ghostly woman

“I’ve had weird experiences throughout my life, starting at age 11. One night I was on the computer up way later than I should have been when I heard a noise in the kitchen and figured it was my dad. About 10 minutes later, I looked in because I thought he had fallen asleep at the table (happened frequently due to sleep issues), but no one was there. I then went back to the computer and while staring at the screen, I saw someone walk from the kitchen and into the hallway. It scared me pretty good. I ran to my room which I shared with my little sister and eventually fell asleep.

For a long time after that, I would hear random things during the days and nights. There was a Beanie Baby crab that I kept behind my door on one of those corner shelves. Almost every day it would be in the middle of my room on the floor when I came back home from school. Nothing too scary happened for a long time until I was about 18.

Night Visitor

My family and I moved to Norfolk,VA, and I didn’t have a room at the time so I slept in the living room. My dad is normally always awake, especially at night, so I had laid down on the couch with my body facing the wall. I started feeling as if someone had entered the living room. I kept my eyes closed, again thinking it was dad. This feeling got more intense, like whoever it was was walking right up to me. I heard what sounded like pant legs rubbing together from walking. I felt them walk closer, around the couch, as if they were standing behind me leaning their head over mine. I was scared but refused to open my eyes. I then felt something lean down by my ear and whisper ‘Amy.’ I even got the tingling feeling you get when someone whispers in your ear. I jumped up as fast as I could and ran upstairs to my brother’s room. I was afraid to look behind me, but I did anyways and no one was there.

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Reader Submission: The Woman in White

woman in white ghost

“I have always been really easily spooked/startled. I often see glimpses of someone in my peripheral vision. I turn around scared as hell, thinking I see someone, but when I look again the person is gone. I have had a few moments of certainty that someone was in fact there, and those I remember vividly.

Once I was sitting on my porch when I was young, probably around 7. I was looking across the road at my friend’s house. I saw this young woman, probably around 18, and she had long, blonde, beautiful hair, a very pale complexion, and a long white dress, almost like a nightgown. She was just sitting there, smiling at me and rocking in the rocking chair. I didn’t feel scared per se, maybe just a bit uneasy (not like other times I have glimpsed something or someone). I looked away, looked back, and the woman was gone. The rocking chair had also stopped rocking.

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Reader Submission: The Lady in White


“My story involves numerous experiences over a number of years at my parents’ house, the house where they still, in fact, live today.

The layout of the house had the bedrooms up one end and the living room and kitchen at the other. The earliest occurrences were lights turning themselves on in the bedrooms when everyone was sitting together having dinner or watching TV. We initially thought nothing of it, as most people would. This all changed when we began seeing what we called the lady in white. I realize how silly that sounds, but in all seriousness that’s what we saw and it’s the only way to describe it.

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Ghost Photo of the Day: The White Woman

marietta museum of history haunted

This apparition photo comes from the Marietta Museum of History in Marietta, GA. The museum, housed in the old Kennesaw House, once served as a hospital and a morgue during the Civil War. Now the building is reportedly haunted by a woman in a long dress. Is that her pictured above?

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