Reader Submission: Ouija Zozo

“A spontaneous decision led my friends and I to try Ouija for the first time. My friend Christian said, ‘Hey dude, wanna try a Ouija board? We’ll be bored if we don’t.’ Who could argue with a solid statement like that?

So I went with my friend Christian, and another guy, and two girls to an old iron furnace in what used to be the town of Fitchburg. Fitchburg was a furnace and railroad community that was abandoned in the 1950s. I had read about several life ending-accidents at the furnace, and because of my attitude and skepticism towards the board, I decided that the furnace would be the best place to try.

We arrived around eleven at night and set up the board, a table, and candles inside the main center column. Christian and one of the girls got on the board and started asking questions. At first, we got nothing, but after ten minutes the planchette started moving. This freaked both Christian and the girl out, but they continued at Christian’s request.

The board claimed to be the spirit of a little girl who had died in a train accident many years ago. What started off as a ‘friendly’ spirit quickly turned more aggressive and told us to leave repeatedly. Christian kept trying to ask the spirit questions, but it would just spell out “LEAVE”. Eventually, it creeped everyone out enough to end the session. The other guy who was with us said he heard a low growling noise. But in all honesty, that guy gets scared if the wind blows, so he is hardly credible in this situation.

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Reader Submission: Visits from Zozo?

shadow person
“I don’t know if this is a ghost story because I technically don’t believe in ghosts, but here goes…

Let me start by saying that I do not have an opinion as to whether or not spirits exist. I am a Christian, and we do not own a Ouija board! We do, however, have the odd ability to predict events and very accurate intuition in various members of our family.

Last September we moved into a new home. Initially, both children refused to take one of the bedrooms for an unknown reason (they just didn’t want it). We gave it to our 3 (now 4)-year-old, thinking he’d put up less of a fight.

We settled in and shortly thereafter, our son refused to sleep in his room. We would find him in various places of the house, desperately claiming there were ‘monsters’ in his room. We initially thought this to be just a childish fear and brushed it off. The only odd thing I noticed was that both cats slept under the right window of his room. We put the letters ADAM above his dresser, and the next day my oldest showed me that the A had fallen and it now said DAM. We laughed.

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Zozo the Ouija Demon


Does a demon named Zozo prey on humans who experiment with Ouija boards? The idea might seem outlandish, but many people believe they’ve encountered the dark entity.

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